50+ Best Free Programming Books to Learn Coding

Different people have different reasons for learning to program. You might want to get hired as a programmer, start your own startup, do it as a hobby or just for the sake of attaining a new useful skill.

If you’re really not enjoying what you’re doing, it might be a good idea to re-evaluate. If you’re trying programming out as a hobby, but you don’t enjoy it, then it’s not really worth doing. But if you’re aiming to get hired, then you may want to keep at it regardless of how unmotivated you might be.


Don’t just download the latest app, help redesign it. Don’t just play on your phone, program it. — Obama.

Gone are the days when programming languages could only be mastered programmers like Bill Gates, who later got to dominate the world by storm. Now everyone holds the same potential, and the chance to learn and even master programming language easily.

The Best Books to Learn Programming Language

HTML & CSS: Mozilla, Dive into HTML5, 20 Things I Learned, HTML Dog, HTML & CSS, HTML5 for Designers, DOM Enlightenment, HTML Canvas

JavaScript: Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript Guide, Speaking JS, JS The Right Way, Oh My JS, Canvassing

jQuery: jQuery Fundamentals, Learn jQuery

PHP: PHP Programming, Practical PHP

Perl: Impatient Perl

Python: Python for You and Me, Dive into Python, Learn Python the Hard Way, Think Python, Python for Fun, Tango with Django, Django

C / C++: Free Programming Resources, Free Book Centre, The C++ Hackers Guide, C / C++ Programming Books

Java: Programming in Java, Thinking in Java, O’Reilly Learning Java, Think Java, Java & CS, Java for Python Developers

Ruby & Ruby on Rails: Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, Learn Ruby the Hard Way, Learn to Program, Learn Rails by Example

Node.js: The Node Beginner Book, Mixu’s Node book, Node Up and Running, Mastering Node.js

Angular JS: Angular JS Tutorial, Thinking Angular, Angular Tutorial, Getting Started (Adobe)

Django: The Django Book

Linux & Shell Scripting: Conquer the Command Line

Git (version control): Pro Git, Learn Git, Gists in Github

Go Language: Programming in Go, Go by Example, Learning Go, Building Web Apps with Go, Learning Go

Teaching Kids to Code

If there are kids in the family, you should download either Tynker (Android/iOS) or the Hopscotch app for iPad and they can learn the basics of programming through games and puzzles.


On a related note, the following chart from Google Trends shows the relative search popularity of various programming languages over the last 5 years. The interest in PHP has dipped over the years, JavaScript has more or less maintained its position while the popularity of Python & Node.js is on the rise.

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